Faith healing for a pandemic

This came to my attention via the Swift blog at the James Randi Education Foundation (JREF).

Apparently some rabbis have taken to the skies over Israel and are chanting, praying, and blowing traditional shofar horns to ward off the swine flu. Here’s a link to a BBC video about this.

My favorite part is the guy chanting into the cabin phone.

I would have expected this from Christian Scientists, but I didn’t realize that the Jewish faith denies germ theory as well. To quote the author of the Swift post linked above, “Somehow, an entire plane full of educated men thinks that flying around over Israel, blowing horns and chanting, will protect the country from a virus.” I understand having faith, but, come on, really? Really?


3 responses to “Faith healing for a pandemic

  1. I have no faith in faith healing but when the anti -virals are more likely to kill people than the deisease what can people who fall for the official fear-and-panic routine do?

    The Cure For Swine Flu – Clutching At Straws

    • Atheist in Hiding

      Unfortunately government officials can fall prey to the same misinformation as the general public. But to answer your question: people can, and should, do their own research. They’ll find that the swine flu is really not as bad as the media makes it out to be, and there really isn’t any cause to be alarmed. I suggest you read this post, which does a nice job of putting it in perspective.

      • What drives me crazy is all the attention is placed on pandemic flu when endemic flu is far more deadly. Seriously, how many people have died due to H1N1 relative to run-of-the-mill flu?

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